2021, Crime, Thriller

Girl in the Basement‬ 2021

Girl in the Basement‬ 2021
Title: Girl in the Basement‬ 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Crime, Thriller
Quality: HD
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Directors: Elisabeth Röhm
Writer: Manu Boyer, Leslie Greif
Stars: Jake Etheridge, Sydney Kowalske, Liam Pileggi

Stream online Movie Named Girl in the Basement with look movie . This is the story of teenager Sara (Stefanie Scott). She was imprisoned by her father Don (Judd Nelson) in his hidden soundproof bomb shelter. Don, hidden Sarah before she reaches the age of liberation. And he beats her and raped her and forced her to raise his two children. This is continued for twenty years. And Sarah’s mother and other family were living above the basement. Another is stillborn. Sara insists he secretly brings another child to the house above to be raised by Sara’s mother Irene (Joely Fisher), who believes the missing Sara left the child on the doorstep and ran away. Let us stream this full story of how kids blamed Sara until Sarah tells about the truth of Don.