2024, Biography, Drama, History

Shirley 2024

Shirley 2024
Title: Shirley 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Biography, Drama, History
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors : John Ridley
Writers : John Ridley
Stars: Regina King, Lance Reddick, Terrence Howard
Synopsis: Shirley devises a plan and assembles her team: her husband, Conrad, her advisors, Wesley McDonald Holder and Arthur Hardwick Jr., and a young law student, Robert Gottlieb, who is in touch with the sentiments of the youth. Collaborating together, they are aware of the numerous reasons why Shirley is considered an outsider in the race. Apart from the social aspects of her race and gender, she also lacks extensive political experience, having served only one term as a Congresswoman before running. “Shirley” presents itself as a lively and captivating political document, but fails to pay attention to the details, resulting in nothing more than a historical summary. It lacks depth and genuine emotion, replacing them with clumsy bullet points and contrived pathos. Our understanding of Shirley is limited to her determination and the timeline of her achievements. It offers little more inspiration than her Wikipedia page, and this diluted and rushed portrayal of an American heroine is disappointing. “Shirley” cannot even be redeemed by the exceptional performances of its esteemed actors because the script prioritizes events over character, failing to recognize that the individuals are what make the story worth telling. Stream Full HD English Movies and TV Shows then visit Only on Look Movies website.