2024, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Sleeping Dogs 2024

Sleeping Dogs 2024
Title: Sleeping Dogs 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Crime, Mystery, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors : Adam Cooper
Writers : Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, E.O. Chirovici
Stars: Russell Crowe, Karen Gillan, Marton Csokas
Synopsis: Roy carries a mysterious past, yet he has no recollection of it. He grapples with his fading memory, relying on the walls of his apartment as a guide to his daily routines. These routines include tending to surgical wounds on his head, a procedure aimed at reawakening his mind. To keep himself mentally engaged, Roy turns to puzzles. However, when Isaac’s case resurfaces, Roy sees it as an opportunity to truly test his treatment. “Sleeping Dogs” begins to intertwine elements of the past and present as Roy delves into a pivotal moment from his career. Isaac initially confessed to the murder of Joseph during that time, but later claimed innocence, spending the past decade awaiting his execution. The story presents a compelling mystery for Roy to solve, prompting him to explore the details and interact with various individuals connected to Joseph’s life. Among them is an intriguing woman who captivates Richard with her intelligence and preference for rough sex. Both Richard and the woman are drawn into Joseph’s world, albeit for different reasons. Watch Online Latest Hollywood Films and TV Shows then visit Only on Look Movies website.