2024, Drama

Suncoast 2024

Suncoast 2024
Title: Suncoast 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Quality: HD
Language: English
Directors : Laura Chinn
Writers : Laura Chinn
Stars: Nico Parker, Laura Linney, Woody Harrelson
Synopsis: In the mid-2000s, Doris, a teenager residing in Clearwater, Florida, is on a journey of self-discovery while her brother, Max, battles brain cancer. This challenging experience has taken a toll on Doris’s mother, Kristine, who struggles to cope with the world around her and becomes confrontational with everyone, including her daughter. When the time comes to transfer Max to hospice care at Suncoast, Kristine faces additional pressure as she desires to stay by her son’s side in a facility that also houses Terri Schiavo, resulting in a multitude of protestors gathering outside the building. As her mother’s patience with nursing care wears thin, Doris finds herself alone and eventually befriends Paul, one of the protestors, who shows genuine concern for her well-being and offers companionship during this tumultuous period. Additionally, Doris is given the responsibility of looking after an empty house, which catches the attention of popular girls at her school and boosts her social status, allowing her to finally experience teenage rebellion. Stream Latest English Films and TV Shows at home only on LookMovie.